Friday, July 4, 2008


There are some awesome exhibits at the
Houston Museum of Natural Science. I am
excited to see the Geopalooza.

More interesting exhibits:
Leonardo da Vinci: Man, Inventor, Genius
Antique Roses: Pink Ladies and Crimson Gents

Anyone want to go as a group
and be nerdy together please?

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Sorry no post today. I will be in the hospital
all day. My mother slipped and broke her arm.
Read a book. Peace

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Glastonbury Street Style 2008

I just really liked those.
Find more at

Photo: Alistair Guy and John-Gabriel Harrison

Trend Alert: SLASHINGS

Slashes are the sophisticated way to have holes
in your clothes. No more tore up jeans and fringed
hems. They are key for having the perfect color
peek. It is modesty at it's best and with the right
placement can reveal just enough skin. Definitely
a nice update for, otherwise, classic pieces.

When I saw the new Dior Homme
collection I immediately thought of these

Pierre Hardy Fall 2008

It's become obvious that Pierre Hardy is
by far one of my favorite shoe designers.
He is innovative in all he does and every
time I see a new collection my whole
perspective on life changes! Serious stuff, yo!

Dior Homme Spring 2009

I dream of owning these pants.

Color Peek

Skin peeks!

Check out the rest of the Dior collection on

Style Network Casting

Style Network Fashion Magazine Interns

CASTING START: 6/30/2008 12:00:00 AM
CASTING END: 7/11/2008 11:59:59 PM

Style Network is looking for three people to take on coveted
internships at a top New York based fashion magazine this fall!
The show will provide the selected interns the amazing opportunity
to work closely with the fashion team, get first-hand experience
researching issues that concern real women, assist in celebrity and
fashion photo shoots and see what it takes to get a publication ready
for print. The show is truly going to provide an experience and
opportunity of a lifetime!

No experience is necessary, but we are looking for three success
driven people to take on coveted internships at a New York based
magazine this fall! Candidates must be willing to have cameras
document their lives in and out of work.

Find more information at
Thanks to Tyler for the link!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

SO SO Jealous

If you are in NY then def hit this up!
It is summer time and I'm jealous this
isn't going down here... Does stuff like
this even happen in Houston? Can it?

Central Park SummerStage presents
Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 w/ Afrika Bambaataa
and Love Trio & U-Roy
Sunday July 6 (3–7pm)
Central Park SummerStage, E 69th St & 5th Ave

Source: Flavorpill

Exactly like this...

Gay Pride Parade

Summer Things I Want

Printed Balloon Tote
Old Navy $19.50

Braided Gladiator Sandal
Bluefly $556.00

...and will never get.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dallas Adventures

In this exact order...

Trent and Johnny found these

Mel Prep Time

I made that! The fabric is vintage
from Thailand. It was my grandmas.
There is a scorpion in the top center. I
wore it to graduation and shortened it
more for this trip.


Prince Will




Select reminded me of this exactly




I love road trips! Mel, Johnny, Trent and I decided to go to
Dallas about 24 hours before we left. We went for The Party's
two year anniversary which was themed Hollywood. I always have
good fun in that city and this time was even better. I also want to
comment on all the bow ties... I love bow ties. No boys (except Brian)
here will do it...wack!

Thanks to Mel for being so down to go, Trent for being a Gemini,
Nature for his hospitality, Select for his bow tie get up, Sober for his
"suit jacket," Gail for "Would you rather..." and Johnny for all those
precious moments!