Saturday, June 14, 2008

Set The Date!

And just in case you get into any legal trouble on this night
Houston Attorney, Scott Callahan, can help you out. On
top of that, you might even need the help of Lester Van Slyke,
DWI Attorney in Sugar Land. Just looking out for the kids.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Modern Architect

I am a huge Helmut Lang fan and pieces
like this are exactly why. Look at the details...
you definitely can't find style like this at Forever 21...
At least not yet. This can be layered tons of ways or
just worn simple with any style shoe.

Helmut Lang
Paneled jersey cami dress $210

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lead Pipe Silk

There is no doubt that Old Navy has stepped
up their game in the past year. This little silk
number is one of those pieces you would never
expect to find in an Old Navy rack. I have been
so into one step dressing (e.g. dresses, jumpers)
and with the simple change of accessories this can
be dressed up or down. I love the feeling of silk
against my skin and this would be such a refreshing
addition to any girls wardrobe.

Silk Ruffle Tiered Dress
$29.50 Old Navy

My tip to the girls is to avoid those drapey dresses...
you know the ones from Forever 21 made of 100% Rayon.
They tend to get real nasty after one wear. I am so over disposable
clothing and have been investing in classics or statement pieces.
Save your money for timeless pieces you can rework every year.


Oh and check out this book:
A Rare Breed of Love
a great read - and it also shows
how awful puppy mills are.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Phillip Lim On A Whim

This dress... I pulled this dress for the
shoot last weekend. I wish I could show
you pictures but you will just have to wait.
I didn't recognize it from any of the
Phillip Lim collections so I must assume this
is an exclusive for Barney's.

Not only do I enjoy the design of it but
I appreciate the dye technique. Basically, wax
is applied to the silk fabric which is then cracked
and dipped in dye. The dye seeps into the cracks
which gives it this awesome marble effect. It reminds
me of spilled ink.

3.1 Phillip Lim
Hand-Dyed Shift Dress
Barney's New York $525.00

I took a fabric design class in school a year and
a half ago. I learned a lot but didn't accomplish
much in technique. Maybe I will practice batik
and make my own shift since I could never afford
this one.

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One More Time

Don't miss it.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Soul Street MTV Audition

Here is Soul Street's auditon for
America's Best Dance Crew. They didn't
make it out due to conflict of contract.

Dance MTV SoReal - ABDC Casting 2 - video powered by Metacafe

I have known most of these dudes for so
long and I am so confident they would have
wrecked it real hard. America is definitely
missing out on some raw ass talent.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Back On Top In June

I got these in May and my feet are really really
enjoying them. They are complete Pierre Hardy
rip offs that I blogged about in February. My soul
was overjoyed on the day of our union.

Another element I have been obsessing over in shoes
is perforation. I have three new pairs of shoes that are
perforated and they are pretty amazing. I will do a post
later this week.

This is the jewelry I used for the shoot today.
They are all precious stone and 14k gold. My
favorites were the raw amber and jade pieces.

Here is some of the clothes I pulled from Barney's
and Brown Eyes Blue Boutique. The shoot was fun
and here is the only picture I want to show you. I
should get pictures in July.

It only gets better. Trust.

Stuff I want.

Hey, I need some water activities in my life. Does anyone
want to do that? Or let's go camping or to Sea World. There
are so many water slides I never hit up when I was eight and
I need an excuse for a new bathing suit.