Sunday, June 8, 2008

Back On Top In June

I got these in May and my feet are really really
enjoying them. They are complete Pierre Hardy
rip offs that I blogged about in February. My soul
was overjoyed on the day of our union.

Another element I have been obsessing over in shoes
is perforation. I have three new pairs of shoes that are
perforated and they are pretty amazing. I will do a post
later this week.

This is the jewelry I used for the shoot today.
They are all precious stone and 14k gold. My
favorites were the raw amber and jade pieces.

Here is some of the clothes I pulled from Barney's
and Brown Eyes Blue Boutique. The shoot was fun
and here is the only picture I want to show you. I
should get pictures in July.

It only gets better. Trust.

Stuff I want.

Hey, I need some water activities in my life. Does anyone
want to do that? Or let's go camping or to Sea World. There
are so many water slides I never hit up when I was eight and
I need an excuse for a new bathing suit.