Tuesday, March 11, 2008


So there are officially too many things to do on Saturday.
What's your itinerary?

http://www.wtfsosweet.com to RSVP

Also, check out my new header! It is amazing. NICK M made it for me.
Go buy things from Nick at Domy Books!
Thanks again DIRT TALK!!
Also any tall, skinny girls want to model in my fashion show for school .. MAY 2.
Email me a head shot and full length pics at ev@evsaid.com

Austin bound tomorrow! How I've missed 6th street shut down, winking
at strangers, and getting lost! Check back for video and pictures from SXSW!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Trembled Blossoms

Watch this! You will love it!

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Street Style: Colors and Patterns

I love how she mixed the two traditional plaids. She modernized her outfit with
the addition of that fabulous floral coat... Absolutely love the blood red patent.

Reminds me of the previous shot. I just love when people layer patterns to achieve
something unexpected but so right. It is fun... Have fun with your clothes!

This looks like an editorial or a catalog shoot. I wish guys experimented more with
color combinations. That burnt orange makes my heart flutter. Boys it is all about the
smallest details.

All Pictures from The Sartorialist.