Friday, October 5, 2007

Creative Growth Artists Interpret Fashion Looks From The Outside In.

[Artist: Louis Estape Designer: Balenciaga]

[Artist: Daniel Hamilton Designer: Rodarte]

[Artist: Paul Costa Designer: Pucci

[Artist: Maria Irma Bustillos Designer: Missoni]

[Artist: Ronald Veasey Designer: Dries Van Noten]

[Artist: William Scott Designer: Zac Posen]

...The word "handicapped" is often defined as "working with less," but the art at Creative Growth seems to indicate the opposite -- these artists appear to be working with more of everything: more freedom, more imagination and most of all, more truth. Their handicaps may have forced them to live in a world outside of and very different from ours, but these "outsider" artists are no less brilliant than those deemed by our society as "normal" (those noted as intelligent, clever, on-trend or tasteful). All art is experiential and draws on the lives and realities of its creators and these artists are no different. With normalcy and logic redefined by their personal views of the world, their imagination soars to extraordinary places, enabling them to express ideas free of deceit, pretense, agendas or societal constraints. The result is art that's as pure as it gets.

I thought it would be wonderful and appropriate for this issue celebrating art and fashion to invite some of the most amazing artists from Creative Growth to illustrate and interpret some of our favorite fashion looks for the new season. How can anyone not love seeing this world we call fashion -- which is usually such an insider's game -- so purely and gorgeously through the eyes of these magical outsiders? Enjoy.


I think this is so amazing and inspirational. It is especially sweet to see how each artist captured the designers vibe with their art but still made it their own.
I hope this serves as inspiration to anyone who complains that they are not good at sketching!
You can find more artists' works and bios at

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Frye Tina

Frye Tina Shorty Cuff $258.00

These are hotness.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Twelve by Twelve from Forever 21

What do you get when you combine a seasonal collection mentality with a store like cheap-chic outpost Forever 21? You get Twelve by Twelve, the new line by the California retailer that eschews an item-by-item sales approach for a more cohesive — and luxed-up — design concept.
Source: WWD

These two dresses are the same silhouette in a different style. They are formal with a twist. The print will no doubt set you apart from a sea of solids.

Optic Printed Tiered Dress $42.00
The waist reminds me of a cummerbund. This piece is very versatile. You can rock it with some heels and tights... or some flats.

Mystic Silk Cross-Back Dress w/Tree Print $39.00

Sleeveless Tunic Sweater w/ Hood $29.00
A hooded sweater tunic... what more could you ask for? I feel like I need to see this in person. The detail looks kind of shoddy but I love the idea of it.

This cardigan is a must have in life... specifically my life...
Someone buy it so I can live vicariously through you.



Nostalgic Skirt $29.00
This skirt will flatter everyone from your mother, sister or brother. ;)
But seriously, A-line skirts are universally flattering to all body shapes.
Once again, this can be dressed up or down.

L'Avenue Coat $79.00
This coat is perfect for all occasions and even "winters" in Texas.
Keep it classic in black, however, I am mad for the plaid.

Check out more items by Twelve by Twelve.

Ballistic Rose

Design: Tobias Wong
Manufacture: Self Manufacture, Toronto, ON
Date: 2006

This fashion accessory pulls fashion up from its shallow tradition and establishes a new high water mark. This rose is made from the same textiles as a bulletproof jacket (ballistic nylon) and is to worn over your heart to protect it in dangerous times. A designed object that genuinely protect the user in both a physical and spiritual sense.

-Todd Falkowsky