Saturday, May 24, 2008

i ride

I just saw this commercial and thought some of you might enjoy it.
I do think more people in this city should ride the Metro rail so maybe
we won't be one of the fattest cities in America.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Cool, Dude.

Hey, Come to this. It's my birthday!
I'll be 21 again!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Summer Flare

The weather in Texas is getting crazy hot.
Luckily, I have successfully checked off my
list of summer necessities, which included:

Sun Glasses
Cut-off Denim Shorts
Boat Shoes
Perfect Red Flats
Canvas Wedge

And I can't forget the perfect bathing
suit. Here are my top four summer picks.

Chanel Spring 2007
I remember wanting this so
bad when it first came out.

Retro Hightwaist Bikini
Top: $24.99
Bottom: $27.99
Victoria's Secret
Sweet!!!! I want the bottoms in black and
the top could be like a neon retro floral print.

Chanel Spring 2007

Retro One-piece
Victoria's Secret $51.99

I like this one more than the
Chanel one. The cut is flawless.

Polkadot Highwaist Bikini
Top: $31
Bottom: $28
Victoria's Secret
With a big red flower in your hair! So Dita!

Carmen Marc Valvo Shirred One-piece
Victoria's Secret $117
Quite possibly the most flattering
bathing suit in the world.

These are all flattering to any figure so work it!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Color Obsessions

These are the colors and things that have been on my mind... for quite some time.

Lapis Lazuli is such a distinct blue. I have a dope necklace
pendant of this stone. I have been craving this color
real bad.

I have been painting my nails with this orange nail
polish called Times Square Tangerine Creme by N.Y.C.
I have also been using orange colored lipstick everyday.
Maybe I like it so much because it's reminiscent
of a night filled with heavy Sparks drinking.

Pharaoh King Tutankhamen's Burial Mask

In conclusion, I decided to fix this problem fast and cheap.

$4.80 at Forever XXI
Yes! I love the cut and they are much brighter in real
life. These basic tees are so good for layering or
adding quick color to any outfit. I also got the gray
and will be getting more ASAP.

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EV, June 2007, Central Park, NY

Another Night

20's Silhouette, Bow-tie Necklace, Vintage Lace Camisole
I love styling Linda. I tend to dress her in things I
can't wear. Just about anything looks fabulous on her.
That dress was very unappealing on the rack. But I
recognized the silhouete and knew it would suit her perfectly.

Sheer and I am obsessing over
that color for the summer

It looks like Linda is hitting on me.

Check out the yellow "tribal" Make up. So dope.
It was really subtle though and only showed in
strong lighting or with flash.

Jen. I picked out that dress. So refined. Jen is 19
and that dress definitely added a new level of maturity.

ev, Emily, & Jordan

Don't Fear the Sheer

Pro Nails

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hello Lover!

Just the other night I couldn't stop obsessing
over these Pierre Hardy Boots. I kept thinking
to myself:
"If I had to wear any shoe for the
rest of my life... it would be these"

The good news is I found some similar
enough to keep me happy!

They also remind me of the black
jersey mesh I used in my collection.

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