Thursday, September 13, 2007

Crop or Cuff

So, I've been hinting at it but it's finally the time to confront it. It being the cropped and/or rolled cuff.
I think I'm going to start calling this the cruff, the combination of crop AND cuff in menswear.
Anyways, check out these cruffs from Spring 2008 collections:

Adam Kimmel

John Varvatos

Band of Outsiders

Patrik Ervell

Obedient Sons

Also, meet Thome Browne.

Sufferers of ankle insecurity, meanwhile, aren't likely to get a respite anytime soon. Alongside menswear's continuing cropped-pant invasion, models for several labels, including Tony Melillo, Patrik Ervell, Trovata, and Band of Outsiders, sported trousers rolled up to mid-shin levels. "Wearing a rolled pant seems easier than wearing a cropped pant, which might feel too fashion-y," explains Tina Chai, who styled the Band of Outsiders collection. (Plus you can actually unroll them.)

P.S. Someone needs to help me with a new dance hype called the cruff... could be hot.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Street Chic

Just a reminder that this blog is a source of inspiration for me and anyone else who might stumble upon it. The Sartorialist is a huge influence for me since it is a way to see people of all shapes, sizes and colors from some of the most fashionable cities.
I try to post pictures that really impact me in design, style or just aesthetically.
Mostly, I want my blog to serve as inspiration, where one can see how runway styles translate into street style. But also as proof that you do not need designer names to look fashion forward.

I am so in love with this skirt and those shoes. I am basically going to need this outfit.

Cropped cuffed pant and perfectly worn in Guccis. Note the slightly untucked polo, which is vintage Fred Perry from the 50's.

This dress is the type of dress that would make anyone look hot. Note the cut and silhouette. And dare I say... that popped collar is pretty fabulous.

United Bamboo | Spring 2008

Some of the pieces in this collection were mediocre and some dull, but a few pieces did stand out. The beaded neck jewelry and fringed leather booties show clear Native American inspiration in this collection. I liked the details of certain items which I will note below.

origami detail

The high waist is not going away soon. I really like all of these shorts.

Front zipper detail

Seer Sucker rolled cuffed pant... yum... to those awesome pants.

...and again. olive is so hot right now.

I love gingham on guys

Digging the pleats on the shoulder and the buckle strap

The perfect suit for spring

*Take note of those rolled cuffs.

Pictures by Matthew Marand at One October Night

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Proenza Schouler | Spring 2008

Their new silhouette is decidedly body-conscious: With cinched belts everywhere and just one pair of pants on the runway... Spring is all about the waist and the legs—the longer the better...
Hernandez and McCollough said they wanted to explore the idea of contrasts, "something organic and man-made, primitive and refined."


Band Of Outsiders | Spring 2008

This is one of my favorite designers for Spring.

Rolled Cuffs- Seriously... don't be scared to try it.

The Spring Trench- See, I told you it would be a good investment.
You can easily bring your trench back for spring.

bow ties, bow ties, bow ties!

Boat shoes and formal wear is absolutely acceptable
especially when done like this.

(Scott) Sternberg claimed Havana in the fifties as an influence, starting with the jacquard ties he's already known for, and moving on to a double-breasted jacket in a windowpane check, apparently the mirror of one worn by a waiter serving Hemingway in an old photo the designer had found. It's this fetishizing of sartorial minutiae that lends the most interesting American menswear its emotional undertow.