Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Street Chic

Just a reminder that this blog is a source of inspiration for me and anyone else who might stumble upon it. The Sartorialist is a huge influence for me since it is a way to see people of all shapes, sizes and colors from some of the most fashionable cities.
I try to post pictures that really impact me in design, style or just aesthetically.
Mostly, I want my blog to serve as inspiration, where one can see how runway styles translate into street style. But also as proof that you do not need designer names to look fashion forward.

I am so in love with this skirt and those shoes. I am basically going to need this outfit.

Cropped cuffed pant and perfectly worn in Guccis. Note the slightly untucked polo, which is vintage Fred Perry from the 50's.

This dress is the type of dress that would make anyone look hot. Note the cut and silhouette. And dare I say... that popped collar is pretty fabulous.

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