Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hot Chanel Mess

"...a kid with a can of hot pink spray
paint sprinting down Spring Street,
tagging everything he possibly could

before a police officer tackled him, and
he burst into tear."
-Nylon Blog

I have a feeling Karl Lagerfeld
might be a little pissed but he will
definitely find inspiration from this
pink mess. However, I must admit
it looks pretty bad ass.



Bacon Chocolate
Pancake Mix


Tengo Ombré

J Brand

Ombré Pencil Leg Pant

Once upon a time I hated
these pants. Though, I am
always one to appreciate ombré
when I see it, there was just
something about these that
made me cringe a little.
Once they were marked down
I reevaluated and fell in love.
I'm going to post outfits with
them soon to prove they are
really amazing on.