Friday, September 28, 2007

Louise Goldin | Spring 2008

...Goldin explained her mission to make knitwear count for something a bit more exciting than a standby cardigan: "I've freelanced in Brazil, so I know how knits can work for summer. I love it when I can put six colors into a machine and make something amazing come out," she said. "I want to push knitwear to a future vision." She's on her way. Source:

I loved the color palette in this collection. It reminded me of a yellow hand knitted bathing suit from Cancun. I am definitely keeping an eye out for Louise Goldin, I feel we will be hearing way more about her in the future.

D Square | Spring 2008

Maybe not those earrings? or shoes?

Dean and Dan Caten with Rihanna

I love the silhouette of this and I need it.

T-Strap neck detail.

T-Strap... Notice how much taller this model looks. They should have put those shoes on Rihanna to lengthen her legs.

I'd wear this but ... zipped up more.

I love the motorcycle jacket neck detail

I just want to wear this dress and twirl around in it

This purple color is fabulous and what is the point of the cigarette?

Avoid looking like a bumble bee by wearing light brown leather booties.

Discuss: Pop stars turned high fashion models... hmmm

Obsessive: Nigo

While he was turning Earth into Planet of the BAPEs, Nigo actually had another sci-fi fixation: Star Wars. Here, we take a look at his Jabba the Hutt-sized memorabilia collection.
Watch the Video on

You might be over the BAPE craze but you can not deny its influence on the fashion and hip hop world. Nigo did something right and I find him to be inspirational. I found this video interesting since it shows something other than BAPE.


I would love to own all of these T-Strap shoes. However, I am saving up for Fashion Week in February.

Nine West Zapit $58.99
Metallics are in now and are not going anywhere for Spring 2008. Get these now because they are on sale and a very good investment for next year!

Tahari Katrina $100.00
The tweed on this shoe makes it perfect for fall. The T-strap helps make you look taller because of the vertical line.

Oh Deer! Gumdrop $90.00
Patent is still in and these shoes can be dressed up or down.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

What To Wear To A Job Interview

Looking to land a new job? Style expert Kim Johnson Gross helps you put your best foot forward with the perfect interview outfit.
Click here for a two minute video


So you got the job... now what to wear that is not so boring.

Wrap Dress
This dress can transform from stylish work attire to an evening of cocktails with a mere change of accessories. This is one of the most versatile and flattering pieces for every woman. It is a classic and a staple item for any fashion conscious woman.

American Apparel $44.00
This is probably the most basic wrap dress I have found. I like it because it is simple and clean cut and you can over accessorize! The 3/4 sleeve is very ideal for a shorter frame and the V neck helps enlongate your figure.

You can find a variety of wrap dresses ranging from $25-$99 on
Also here is a very brief history lesson from :
Diane von Fürstenberg is best known for introducing the knitted jersey "wrap dress" in 1973, an example of which, due to its important influence on women's fashion, is in the collection of the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Shirt Dress
I've talked about it before and here are some more options for this classic look.

To The Max by BCBG $54.99
I love this jade color. This style is very flattering to any figure due to tying at the natural waist
with an A-line shape. This outfit is ideal for day or night, business or fun.

Pencil skirt

Wool Pinstriped Skirt $78.00

Fitted Blazer

Lux 70's Blazer $68.00

I ran into this shirt and it's rather cute for $4.00. I specifically like the collar. Not to mention it would look fabulous with the blazer above.

Ruffle Front Blouse $4.00

Look at the detail. I love it.

All of the above pieces will never go out of style, therefore I suggest quality once again. Do not forget that just because something is expensive does not make it good quality. Check for good construction. Do this by checking seam and hems and making sure everything matches up right. A lot of the times the fabric alone can tell you quality. Always search for good quality fabrics.

Also make sure there is no puckering or pulling of the fabric at the seams. There is nothing more unflattering than puckering.

You can always update your look with accessories. (Jewelry, scarves, head band, tights, etc...) Add a chunky bracelet or maybe a simple thin watch. The key is to accessorize and make it your own.

I promise I will do this for men as well.

Unauthorised Burberry Buttons

Design: Tobias Wong
Client: Self Manufacture
Date: 1999

Tobias handed out hundreds of these pirate Burberry plaid pins at events around NYC. “A year later, in spring 2000, Burberry themselves caught sight of this ’street trend’ and adapted them into their advertising campaign. The buttons were visible in fashion magazines, billboards, and catalogs - a knock-off of a knock-off”.
-Todd Falkowsky


Burberry Advertisement Spring 2000

Monique Test

I am not a photographer but I try my best. Monique is my younger sister and we shot these in my backyard. I will be posting more soon. I did all styling.

This dress is betsey Johnson.

My dad's old truck.

I have to get ready for a bridal shower. Will post more pictures tonight.

Kevin Test #1

This is a mini photoshoot I did with my friend Kevin. We have a huge break in between classes so we went to Domy Books to chill. I liked some of the things there and we did this for fun.

Kevin is awesome. I think we will do a real fashion shoot soon. Photographer needed.