Thursday, April 3, 2008

School lately

Comic Strip leggings Anya made. For sale soon.

My dress for collections and Anya

My hand

My sketching teacher

I am getting anxious.. there is less than a month for
my collections to be presented. I graduate mid May...
and I turn 23 May 31.
I want to move to NY but I need to go on a job hunt.
It is obviously impossible to find a job or room MONTHS
before a move.... Excitement, determination and hope is all
I can feel. I will ALSO be looking for a job mid May... Anything
to bring in the cash flow to reach my goals.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Late To Class

"Creativity has no nationality, so I don't want to leave any stones
unturned. I love understanding and seeing different cultures. At Christmas,
I hung out with a Maasai tribe, and I sang, danced, and drank with them. It
was the most amusing experience. I wasn't 'John Galliano the fashion designer.'
I was just their new friend. There were lions, tigers, and giraffes. We held hands,
we danced, and I didn't know what the real world was anymore. It was very
humbling, honest, and pure."
-John Galliano, Harper's Baazar, April 2008

I read an article on John Galliano in the new Harper's Bazaar yesterday.
I saw this quote and it sounded so magical and ... I basically want to get
drunk and dance with an African tribe too. Inspiring stuff.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

IF I was in NY This Week... would find me here.

Target First Saturday presents Japanimated!
Arts and Cultures of Japan feat. DJ Muro

Cosplay has gone mainstream, judging by this week's Target First Saturday. To kick off the Takashi Murakami exhibit, the Brooklyn Museum is throwing a Japanese-themed party complete with taiko drumming, screenings of two anime classics and a documentary about an ex-geisha, and a gallery talk about the museum's collection of Utagawa prints. The party gets louder later in the evening with performances by two local bands of Japanese origin, and a hip-hop, funk, and soul set by Japan's DJ Muro. The kicker, though, is the costume contest — come dressed as your favorite anime or manga character for a chance to win a copy of the © MURAKAMI catalogue.

– Gerry Mak

Event Details
Sat Apr 5 (5-11pm)
Brooklyn Museum of Art (200 Eastern Pkwy, 718.638.5000)
Price: FREE



Takashi Murakami, Hiropan
Japanese neo-pop artist

Takashi Murakami once said that Andy Warhol — to whom he's often compared — made art in order to distance himself from reality. Unlike Warhol, Murakami doesn't use his creations as cover-ups. He makes no bones about embracing pop culture in all of its gluttonous glory, designing handbags in collaboration with Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton, making mass-produced tchotchkes, and beginning the title of his traveling retrospective with a copyright symbol. The Brooklyn Museum devotes two floors to more than 90 of Murakami's early works, from 1992 to 2000. But put away your checkbook — these pieces aren't for sale.
-Laura Raskin

Event Details
Sat Apr 5 - Sun Jul 13 (Wed-Fri: 10am-5pm / Sat & Sun: 11am-6pm)
Brooklyn Museum of Art (200 Eastern Pkwy, 718.638.5000)

Source: Flavor Pill

Watch it!

I remember back when EVERYONE used a watch to tell time... Now it seems Blackberrys and Iphones have been reassigned the duty.

While doing a little "screen shopping," these watches stood out to me and helped me remember a time when we weren't so dependent on text messages and hand held computers.
I dig the vintage feel and I am a sucker for wooden jewelry. The ivory and ebony contrast is very unique. These would make a nice gift for anyone. Check out other cool styles on

Sunday, March 30, 2008

I'm Just A Happy Kid...

My BFFRZ Linda is in town from NY for a family emergency.

Ashleigh and Linda

Linda's Vintage Ring from Paris

Brian and Lety

I've had a busy week.. sorry for lack of updates.
Quality over Quantity.