Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Late To Class

"Creativity has no nationality, so I don't want to leave any stones
unturned. I love understanding and seeing different cultures. At Christmas,
I hung out with a Maasai tribe, and I sang, danced, and drank with them. It
was the most amusing experience. I wasn't 'John Galliano the fashion designer.'
I was just their new friend. There were lions, tigers, and giraffes. We held hands,
we danced, and I didn't know what the real world was anymore. It was very
humbling, honest, and pure."
-John Galliano, Harper's Baazar, April 2008

I read an article on John Galliano in the new Harper's Bazaar yesterday.
I saw this quote and it sounded so magical and ... I basically want to get
drunk and dance with an African tribe too. Inspiring stuff.

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