Friday, April 24, 2009

Style Appreciation Hour

It's kind of late and I have way too much caffeine
in my system to sleep. I really liked both these looks

and wanted to share them with you.

Men Take Note
I am in love with this
outfit. Everything is so
perfect. Digging how he
mixed so many textures 
and colors. They all work
so well together. Each piece
compliments the other to
create a really effortless
but stylish look. 

OG's of Bow Ties
Playboy Bunnies

Girls In Bow Ties
I am going to look into
being able to pull off a
bow tie. She does a good
job by combining a men's
inspired oxford. I love the
school uniform feel of this.
Must play with the idea soon.

Photo Source: The Sartorialist

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