Friday, March 7, 2008

Pretty In Floral

I took this over a month ago and have forgotten to post it. I absolutely
loved this whole outfit. She said her dress was vintage. I dig the paint
brush stroke effect on the print. All the different tones of pink are dreamy
and her hair is flawless.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


or comment if you have any RSVPs I need
to postor anything pertaining to the funnest
week in March... South By South West!

And hit this up!

Wanna Spoon?

Spoons Graphic Tote $9.99 Target

Today I started interning at Paper City magazine. I basically do whatever I'm
asked to do. Everyone there is really nice and I'm enjoying it! As I was arranging
all the Spring lookbooks I stumbled upon the Target Accessories one. I flipped
through it and this Spoons bag immediately made me smile! Of course, by this time
tomorrow it will be swinging joyfully on my arm filled with books, trail mix bars, and

MTV Casting Call

I would never do this but I'm sure some of you might be interested.
It is some definite good bad exposure. GO FOR IT!


Are you a high school or college fashion designer who is gearing up for your big debut or show?
Do you attend a specialized fashion high school or college where you currently design clothes and dream of making it big once you graduate?
While others are trying out for cheerleading and football, do you dream of having your clothes in Vogue?
MTV's newest show FASHION HIGH wants to hear from you. We are looking for fabulous, creative and dynamic high school or college students who are currently studying fashion and are gearing up to show their designs at their school fashion show. You should APPEAR TO be at least 15 years old, have a HUGE personality and want the world to see your work.

Please email us the following to

Your name School/Grade Location/City/State Telephone number Email address Best time to reach you PARENT NAME & NUMBER
Please also try to answer the following questions:
How you got started in fashion and what you have designed so far?
What kind of clothing do you make?
Do your friends/parents support you?
Do they like your designs or think you should look into doing something else with your life?
Do you have an arch competitor?
Someone you are jealous of because of their talent, but also want to beat in a competition?
Please also attach a photo of yourself and the clothes you have designed Email us at:
THANKS! We look forward to hearing from you!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Rock The Calabash

Calabash Tote Mad Imports $95.00

This Calabash tote is made with bark of the Baobab tree. The bark is
hand woven and dyed by Kenyan women making your purchase a unique
piece of art.

This bag is beautiful! I have a similar tote made from the same bark. I
love anything hand made because no one piece is ever alike. It will last
you forever and only gets prettier with age. It is versatile enough for
city living to beach chilling.

The purchase of this tote supports the women's
workshop and their community development efforts.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Who What Wear Daily: Myspace Muse

At we are always on the look out for jaw-dropping celebrity style, but we also find that our dear readers create equally fabulous outfits. This week we found ourselves inspired by Yvette, 21, from Texas.

Who are your favorite designers?
I love couture and wish there was more on the red carpets. I recently saw the Madame Gres exhibit at FIT in NY and was so in awe. I love Cristóbal Balenciaga. He is a huge influence for so many designers now. Nicolas Ghesquière is so influential and innovative. Issey Miyake, Rei kawakubo, Vivienne Westwood, and Yves Saint Laurent. .

What are your favorite hometown stores?
I do a lot of thrifting. But I do love Club Monaco, Zara, Anthropologie,, Oak in NY (New store is sick)!. .

Who are your personal style icons?
Audrey Hepburn, Nicolas Ghesquière, Francoise Hardy, Carine Roitfeld, Guilty of loving the Olsens.

What are your favorite new trends for fall?
I love clashing prints or the unexpected in fashion. Ombre is so awesome! You'll be seeing more tasteful tie dye and batik prints! So many designers have done a modern version of the "New Look," a 1940's silhouette introduced by Christian Dior. It is my absolute favorite shape since it gives a more voluptuous illusion. .

Do you have any beauty tips?
Vitamin E is awesome. Drink lots of water and green tea. Always moisturize and never sleep with your make up on! Clear nail polish is always nice and clean.

Right now, every girl needs a _____ ?
Boat shoe! More floral or tribal prints.

Where are your favorite places to go out?
School is like going out for me since I am around other fashion obsessed people. Other than that I go out whenever my friends are DJing. There used to be these awesome mixed media parties at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. The Basquiat exhibit and Red Hot are the most memorable. Drinks, Friends, Bands, Art and dressing up, what more do you need?

What music is on your iPod right now?
My iPod broke. I have been listening to The Beach Boys, Frank Sinatra, James Brown, Manu Chao, and The Kinks. Can't wait for SXSW to discover new music! .

What do you buy at the newsstand?
Details, Vogue, W, V, Dazed & Confused and Numero.

Where do you go to stock up on great, inexpensive items?
Target is the best. I also like the huge 99 cent stores we have here; you can find the coolest things. I love Conway in NY! .

If you had $1000 to blow on one item for Spring what would it be?
It would be a classic piece like a Christian Louboutin Simple Pump and a nice pair of jeans like J brand or Rag & Bone.

What item of your wardrobe do you rely on during the spring?
This spring I am going for a more put together look. I will rely on nice button ups and a hot wedge. I have so much amazing vintage jewelry so I always count on that to change it up or achieve a certain look. Floral silk scarves!

Muse’s Little Black Book for City
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Jill Stuart: 35 Howard St., New York
Grey Dog Cafe: 33 Carmine St., New York Click here to see
Yvette's Myspace:

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