Saturday, October 20, 2007

How To Wear Leggings Without Looking Tacky

With the weather finally cooling down in Texas, it is time to approach the subject of leggings. Although there are not any exact rules to wearing them, there is a very thin line from acceptable to just tacky.
So here are some examples I loved from The Sartorialist:

This is supermodel Agyness Deyn who is known for her unique style.

They key is to dress them up with a sophisticated heel to contrast the bad 80's vibe. There are no rules but please do not wear leggings as pants. It is probably the least flattering thing to do.

I found these denim leggings and so many outfits raced through my head. Wear them just as you would any other leggings!

Levi's Legging
$58.00 Now $19.98

Friday, October 19, 2007

Patricia Field for Payless

Patricia Field is THE stylist to the now cancelled HBO show Sex and the City, which was famous for its fashions. Field teamed up with Payless to bring us a red carpet worthy collection at just the right prices.
We've been hearing about this collection for a few months now and finally here is another preview. And what better time for release then when the Sex And The City feature is being filmed in NY. There have also been pictures of the wardrobe being spread over the Internet which have helped keep me excited about this collaboration.

Sake Pump $40.00

Sushi Boot $55.00

I find this sushi boot to be quite fabulous because of its snake skin gun metal accented platform combination. Even with all the trends going on in this boot, they were kept to a minimal and not overpowering in design. I could definitely see Carrie Bradshaw rocking these with an over sized clutch and pearl necklace! No doubt, you will find me in line purchasing the sushi boot on the 23rd.

The collection will be available in all Payless stores beginning on October 23rd but are currently available for preorder here.
The Sex and The City movie is set to be released the day before my birthday, May 30, 2008!

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Busy ev

I apologize for the lack of updates this past week. i have been busy with school and my brother had his wedding yesterday.
I am working on organizing this blog into categories to help differ the men and women posts.

Here are a few pictures I took from the wedding

my parents and the groom

my other brothers girlfriend and my sister Mo Mo the bug aka lil coco

my aunt and daddy

my shoes and clutch. those will be making it to the shoe hospital soon.

This is our 80's revival pose

which reminds me of...
House of Holland Spring 2008

I have on shorts!

This is Johnny

This was the other night when almost everyone wore purple.

fred and wit

This is Carla. She goes to school with me. I loved her outfit this day. The shirt is Just Cavalli and had the awesomest details ( hot air ballons, snakes) on it. The skirt was dyed and made by her. I just love the clashing. It's just so right.

Love those pants.

Here is a good example for the boys. This military style shirt is classic and great for any event. You can dress it up with a blazer or keep it casual with some neon kicks.

i loved my hair this day

...done by jordan !

and introducing lil coco...

and i couldnt get over the print on matts shirt. sweet.