Thursday, May 8, 2008

Destination Canada

I want to go to this. Anyone else going?

One Step Dressing

Tibi Jumpsuit $388

The ONLY jumpsuit I need in my life.
There are sooooo many ways I could wear it!
For example, you can pull the legs up into shorts
or add a different belt. Off the shoulder, on the shoulder
and so many layering options! Great investment, basically.

Tomorrow morning is my last class ever... except for maybe
two summer school classes! I will try and upload pictures from
the fashion show this weekend. My BFFRZ Linda will be in town
for the weekend. LOADS of pictures to come.

Bug Off!

Beetlemania A-Line Tee $28.00 Urban Outiftters

Ok, I do like bugs. However, I would contradict
the creepiness of this shirt with a dope high waisted
skirt, patterned heels and of course a strand of pearls,
diamonds, or onyx. And I'm almost sure this shirt will
age to perfection.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Always Sneaking Up On Me

I can not stress how fun these parties are. Cheap drinks,
sexy bartenders, dope art, and great music.
Remember always dress up because it is sexier that way.
Also, VOX TROT!!! You can bet Lety and I will be singing our little hearts out...

may front

may back


I am planning on visiting L.A. in June/July to support my brother
and some friends on America's Best Dance Crew.
I dont have too many details but I do need a place to stay, prolly...
or some companions to join me?
Hit me up if you are down!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

If I Was In NY...

•The designers behind 6267, Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi, stop by Saks to preview their fall 2008 collection. Saks Fifth Avenue, 611 Fifth Ave., nr. 49th St., third fl. (212-753-4000); 11–2.

• The Mavi store in Union Square takes 25 percent off Mavi spring fashions on Wednesday night, as long as you RSVP to Even better, if you snag a spot, they’ll also be serving free beer from Chelsea Brewing Company. 832 Broadway, nr. 13th St.; RSVP required.

This is Online stuff some of you might be interested in!
• Nordstrom’s line of Eyes Lips Face (e.l.f.) makeup is all $1 at their huge online sale. Want a makeup brush? One buck. Eye shadows? Lipsticks? All only a dollar. Stock up!
• Spring means sales for Urban Outfitters, which marks up to 50 percent off in their online sale section. Enter the code PICKAWINNER at checkout, and score an additional 10 percent off.

Source: NY Mag

Monday, May 5, 2008

Oh Men

I realized I post more about shoes than anything else. However, it has
been a while since any Mens post. So here are some of my favorite mens
shoes at the moment.

Clae Romare Hi $137.00
There is another Dark Brown and
Olive combination I like better for fall.

Gram Sneaker $123.00
So casual and cool.

Umbro by Kim Jones $167.00
I really like how plain these are but
specifically the beige suede accents.

All of the above will enhance an outfit as opposed to being THE
outfit. They are simple but can still speak for themselves. If
you're the non flashy type but still know whats good... Then
these are for you.