Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another Night

20's Silhouette, Bow-tie Necklace, Vintage Lace Camisole
I love styling Linda. I tend to dress her in things I
can't wear. Just about anything looks fabulous on her.
That dress was very unappealing on the rack. But I
recognized the silhouete and knew it would suit her perfectly.

Sheer and I am obsessing over
that color for the summer

It looks like Linda is hitting on me.

Check out the yellow "tribal" Make up. So dope.
It was really subtle though and only showed in
strong lighting or with flash.

Jen. I picked out that dress. So refined. Jen is 19
and that dress definitely added a new level of maturity.

ev, Emily, & Jordan

Don't Fear the Sheer

Pro Nails