Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dallas Adventures

In this exact order...

Trent and Johnny found these

Mel Prep Time

I made that! The fabric is vintage
from Thailand. It was my grandmas.
There is a scorpion in the top center. I
wore it to graduation and shortened it
more for this trip.


Prince Will




Select reminded me of this exactly




I love road trips! Mel, Johnny, Trent and I decided to go to
Dallas about 24 hours before we left. We went for The Party's
two year anniversary which was themed Hollywood. I always have
good fun in that city and this time was even better. I also want to
comment on all the bow ties... I love bow ties. No boys (except Brian)
here will do it...wack!

Thanks to Mel for being so down to go, Trent for being a Gemini,
Nature for his hospitality, Select for his bow tie get up, Sober for his
"suit jacket," Gail for "Would you rather..." and Johnny for all those
precious moments!