Friday, June 27, 2008

A Lesson in Old School

I grew up with three older brothers, all of which unknowingly
influenced me at the time. It's hard to wear dresses when you
are too busy wanting to do everything the boys are doing. My
brother Chris started b-boying when I was in middle school. I didn't
necessarily have any style then but there is only so much you can do
with a school uniform. I've always really loved the old school hip hop style.
No, I never wore shell toes nor did I trot around in track suits and beanies.
But since then and over the years, I have incorporated certain elements into
my style.

Dsquared's Spring 2009 collection caught me by surprise. The
brothers took inspiration from Jamel Shabazz's book Back In The Days.
Shabazz began documenting urban street stlye over thirty years ago.
I have always dreamed of a collection like this. Some of it was hit or
miss but over all the awesome pieces help me ignore the wack ones.
They might have used way too many gold chains too... But hey, it's
the thought thats counts.

Street Safari

I love the mix of texture and pattern.

I will have to make myself a gingham blazer ASAP


Photo Credits:
Jamel Shabazz