Saturday, September 1, 2007

Menswear: Current Heavy Hitters

Here are a few things I liked from Forever 21 Men's and Urban Outfitters.
You can sort of play with the idea of these things and reinterpret it to fit your personal style.

Denim Vest $18.00

Armory Tee $14.00

Tie tee $13.00

I like the abstract tie idea. I'd wear it with this...

Short Sleeve Cardigan $14.00

Flannel Shirt $21.00

Slim Chino Pant $29.99

D Collection Prep School Blazer $128.00

There are different things you can do with these pieces. Think layers, texture and color play. These are all great individual pieces and I really think that denim vest is killer especially when paired with the blazer and those chinos.


Promises said...

I want that last jacket... where do i get it?

jdache said...

short sleeve cardigan....where is that from? texas is still hot enough for that

Mens Formal Wear said...

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