Monday, August 27, 2007

Late Nights @

So I was doing some late night browsing at the Target website. And I found a few fun and interesting things.
I'm in back to school mode... mainly because I have to be up in 3 1/2 hours to go to my first class.
And here are a few things I was digging on a very early monday morning.

If you're kinda fabulous...
Mango Tango Faux Croc Laptop Bag $47.99

For a more classic approach...
Mango Tango Quilted Faux Suede Laptop Bag $44.99

If youre more of a minimalist...
Varsity Tweed Notebook Computer Sleeve $29.99

This looks like a good pillow.. that is, if you ever needed a pillow and happened to be carrying this bag. Good for weekend road trips or for a busy day in the city.
I like the colors... and its mad cheap. The tan has got me hooked.
Two-Tone Satin Duffle Bag $6.49

I know but it's pretty cute. Someone you knows needs this!
Orange Crush Lunchbox $9.99

As much as I don't drink soda, I'm a still a sucker for Dr. Pepper. can always put this on your new duffle.

Libertine Trench Coat $39.99

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Anonymous said...

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