Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Unexpected at The Gap

I happened to be at the Gap the other day when I noticed these shirt dresses in the window. Immediately thought: Perfect staple piece for Spring and Fall. All depending on styling, of course.

There are soo many ways to wear these dresses. I'll work on some examples.

So I decided to see what else Gap might have to offer. Oddly, this bag struck me as ugly, but in a good way... if that's possible.


Not convinced? Picture that purse with this sweet and delicate dress by
3.1 Philip Lim.

...and these shoes:

Gap $39.50

These shoes are pretty cute too. Especially, when paired with a dress like the Marc Jacobs one. Throw on the herringbone tights. And don't forget the fabulous trench!

Gap $39.50

Gap Herringbone Tights $12.50

Marc by Marc Jacobs $368.00

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mel boogs. said...

that dress is so cute.