Thursday, July 31, 2008

Interview: Chicle De Anya

Anya Lloyd is probably one of the most creative
people I know. We constantly speak ideas, art and
fashion. She has such a unique style and I find myself
inspired by her time and time again. Therefore, it was
so exciting for me to hear she was planning on opening
a boutique here in Houston. It will definitely be what all
you Houstonians have been jonesing. So here is a small
dose to feed your need for that chicle de anya.

1. Background

Art is my first love. I've always been a creative 
kid, and always had a fascination with color and pattern. I would think of the craziest projects to do
 as a kid. So I continued with art all through school,
then went to HSPVA, and later studio art at UH. Honestly, I needed a change, and pursued my art in another form. I started interning with a local Fashion Designer, Chloe Dao (pre-Project Runway), while working with her is when I knew Fashion was my thing.

2. Inspiration/Aesthetic
First off, while I'm working, designing, or painting, music is
always on. Music is Major! ,especially Electronica. I get so inspired by the beats,and patterns they make in my head. When you see my clothes and art, you totally get that influence. My last collection was
called "Visual Noise," the name speaks for itself. Also, artist like BasquiatFrida Khalo and Bjork are important to me. I'm also inspired by other things, random moments, kids jumping around, anything that involves a real spirit.

3. Chicle De Anya Boutique
In the end there's chicle de anya my line and boutique. It
has been an ongoing project in my head for the past 10 years. I
always wanted to have a place where all aspects of fashion and
art are involved. I think of the boutique as an instillation, a creative
outlet for other young designers to showcase their work. After visiting
awesome boutiques in London and New York, I thought, "I have to
bring this to Houston." Houston is filled with artistic people, and so many
young up-and-coming designers; we can be amazing. The plan is to open
August 9, at 238a West 19th st. in the Heights. Where you can find art-inspired
edgy street wear, from my hoodie to yours. You can purchase my line there,
and other local designers. You will definitely see more casual clothes than
dressier items. I mean, we don't want to dress up everyday, but still look cool, right?

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All Photos and Styling by EV.