Tuesday, May 13, 2008

School Gym Fashion

I havent posted pictures of the fashion show because I wasn't too
excited about the results. The first feeling I got when it was over can
only be described as relief. There are just so many pictures so I am going
to make separate post. These are some of the preparation before the show...

My Bags and Anya's Tool Box

Paul Mitchell Design Team did the Hair and Makeup for my girls.
There was some drama with the "Promotions Class" who thought I stole
them from the school. Actually, Whitney is a friend and hooked it up
when the school originally flaked.

Paul Mitchell Design Team from the school at Town & Country

Momo the biggo Bug-O

I wanted the hair to be curly and teased and HUGE.
Paul Mitchell Design team did such a great job on our models!

Jen Pena

I wanted the make up to be a red wine lip and
touch of plum to enhance their eye color.

Judy is from Uganda and so perfect. We
stalked her down at the Galleria.

Phoenix was one of Anyas model... Finger waves were
popular in the '20s but they did a great job making it modern.

Holly G

Phoenix is in highschool but she makes
her uniform look so cute.


Special Thanks to Mo Maun, Jen, Holly, Whitney, and Todd!

Finally, I'm so glad to be out of school since I will be able to
concentrate on styling, blogging and leisure reading.
Will post more pictures tomorrow!