Friday, April 11, 2008

Vent #1

My priority above everything is finishing this collection.
I don't want anything that represents me to... suck real bad. I
have high standards for everything I create.

The craziest part of everything is I made my first dress ever in December.
I mean I have been in the Fashion Design program since Spring 2006. My
passion has been styling and until December was everything I wanted. I really
like making things and choosing fabrics... I have spent more money on fabrics,
threads, trims, inks, and paper and NY then I have on clothes or shoes. :(

Our school has been really not cool to the collections class. First off, We have
to find our own models. We also have to find our own hair and make up people.
They also sold all the front row tickets before any students in the fashion department
even had a chance to buy any for our families. My parents have been the biggest support
system I have and it sucks that they cant get dibs on that. BOO!

I am pretty proud of the things I have made considering my experience. I love the
theme and I am hugely influenced by my surroundings, colors, and crazy awesome
sick patterns. I love the unexpected mixed with the expected to create something
you never expected to love.

This blog has really helped me archive all the things I want and can't
have. If I can't have them, someone else should, right??
But it goes beyond my materialistic side, it has helped me stay
inspired and continue doing and reading and researching the things I love.
Thank you to everyone who continues to visit this blog every day even
when I have not posted. :)

Yesterday, Anya, Ashleigh and I went museum hopping for
some inspiration/motivation. Here are a few pictures from our adventure.

Me and sexy Leggings by Chicle De Anya

Team Dope: Kevin and Ashleigh in Pattern Grading




Made In China

Damien Hirst at MFAH

This is at the CAMH. Check out the Thom Browne sexiness.

Also, Thanks to Whitney for helping get me an
abundance of amazing hair and make up people.