Monday, October 29, 2007

Wardrobe Essentials for Women

A few months ago, I found myself in a dilemma. The dilemma being that no matter how much clothes filled my closets, I never had anything to wear. The problem was that I was obviously spending too much money on disposable outfits at Forever 21. I have since banned myself from that store and am much happier with my wardrobe. Although, I have plenty of years left to completely fulfill my wardrobe dreams there are some staples every woman should own.

I have assembled an easy list of classics that will help you get through any situation from a cocktail party, to a job interview or any last minute events.

A Good Pair of Jeans
They can be worn for a night out with friends or just relaxing at the park. You can pair your jeans with any t-shirt, or for a classier look, pair it with the white button up blouse. These jeans should be flattering to your body shape and be the perfect fit. I would invest in a great pair since denim only gets better as it ages.
I would lean towards a classic dark denim because it is most versatile from day to night.

Levi's Eco Wide Leg Trouser $78.00

Levi's {Capital E}® Skimmer Jeans $138.00

These are just a variety of comfortable basics I really like/want:

Burn Out Tunic

Gauze Poofy Sleeve

Gauze Moroccan

Eco-Heather V Neck

These are good for layering, bumming, and wearing with a fancy skirt or shoes.

Wrap dress
This dress can transform from stylish work attire to an evening of cocktails with a mere change of accessories. This is one of the most versatile and flattering pieces for every woman. It is a classic and a staple item for any fashion conscious woman. The wrap dress exudes femininity and sophistication and will surely get you noticed.

Newport News $49.00

Target $49.00

The Little Black Dress
The LBD is timeless and perfect to wear for an evening out to dinner, or to any last minute invite. This should be a dress you can always go to when you are confused about what to wear or just want to feel hot. It should be in a cut that flatters you most and should make you feel like a million dollars. If you are short, look for a shorter hem to lengthen your legs. Taller women should stick to longer hemlines to avoid looking trashy.

Banana Republic $148.00


You never know when you will need to dress for an important meeting or any last minute dates.
When buying a suit, be sure to select something timeless and sophisticated. I would stay away from bright colors or any trendy designs. You want to avoid looking sloppy, so be sure you have the perfect fit. Since every body is different, often an alteration is required. Check with your sales person to find out if the store has the service. If not, take it to your local tailor or don't buy it.
Check out the reasonably priced suiting at J. Crew

The suit pieces do not have to be worn together, you can mix and match with other pieces in your wardrobe to create very stylish outfits.

Pencil skirt/a-line
You can alternate your suit with this skirt just to change it up a bit.
This skirt should be able to be used with your suit blazer. The A-line skirt is universally flattering to all body shapes. It is a nice option for your suit.

Both from

Flannel A-line skirt $78.00

Puppytooth fluted pencil skirt $88.00

Classic white button up
A classic white blouse is an essential. We love it because it can be accessorized and styled in countless ways. It is so versatile and will work perfectly with every other thing on this list. To select the right blouse, you will want to find one that is made from good quality material. Also be sure the blouse fits you well or don't spend your money.

J. Crew Solid classic tuxedo shirt was $68.00 now $49.99

Black Pump
Always have a pair of black pumps on hand. You will get much use out of them since they can easily be worn with all of the above staples. I found I had every pair of shoes imaginable except for a black pump. I am still looking for the perfect one. There are many styles to choose from but they are usually pretty trendy so I would stick to these classic shapes.

Isaac Mizrahi for Target $29.99

Remember this does not mean you can not buy into trendy items but it is always the best idea to have something timeless in your wardrobe.