Monday, April 21, 2008

Galleria Scouting

A few days ago we went model scouting at the Galleria.
Here are a few pictures of awesomeness.

Jen at Barneys
Dress by Marc Jacobs

These boots are pretty perfect. They are by Fiorentini + Baker.

Russian girl with cute hair cut.

I loved how put together this girl was. The eyelet
shirt is key to this lovely spring get up.

Everyone make Ashleigh get this hat. So good.

These next two weeks are pretty important for me so I am extremely
sorry for not updating. All my focus and attention is required elsewhere.

Also, still looking for a few models for the show. I am looking for high
fashion girls. 5'8 +
Email me with a head and body shot at
Maybe you are interested or maybe you know someone who would be?

The fashion show is Friday, May 2 at 8 pm at 1300 Holman HCC Central gym.

Sketching + Sewingly,